CSR Mentoring and SKills Share Projects
Our skills-share programme creates opportunities for learning which won’t be experienced by people in their normal work role.

We arrange for skilled personnel to step outside their daily routine and work with people who have a different business approach from their own. By volunteering their time and sharing their skills with a worthy cause they experience improved morale, motivation, and job satisfaction. This is a really effective way of training staff while donating time and expertise to charities. Projects can be completed by individuals or teams. They can take from one day to six months to complete. We do all the legwork and will match people with specific skills to a suitable project. This is different from most skills-share schemes because we train the volunteer while they complete a charity project. Whether it’s a team or an individual offering skills and time, the project will be overseen by one of us to make sure that it is beneficial to everyone. Our training and project management experts are here to ensure that: a: the volunteer(s) acquire new skills b: the charity gets something they genuinely need.

If you agree with any of the following statements, call us to find out more:
• I am looking to give some of my time to help a local charity complete a vital project
• I have skills and experience which would benefit a not-for-profit organisation
• I am between jobs and would benefit from having additional skills and experience on my CV
• I want to offer our staff a superlative leadership development programme.
Team projects which benefit charities
Please browse through our current opportunities below. If you want us to find a project closer to home, or one which requires different skills, or need multiple projects, just pick up the phone and talk to us.
Charity Project Map

Behind Closed Doors Roundabout Voluntary Action Leicester Compaid Headway North West London Paddington Arts Hackney Pirates Doorway Royal Park Community Consortium
Compaid Compaid
Empowering disabled people to achieve their aspirations

Compaid provides IT skills training and mentoring at an Activity Centre and through outreach to people’s own homes. They also operate a successful community transport service for disabled and elderly people in the South East. This supports hundreds of people each week to make essential journeys, such as attending day centres, going shopping, hospital visits and family outings.
Need support with: Fundraising initiatives; Strategic planning for expansion of services.
Hackney Pirates Hackney Pirates
An education project for young people

The Hackney Pirates is an innovative education project, designed to supplement the school system, developing literacy and creativity in young people through one-to-one tuition and workshops. Their aim is to boost children’s confidence by providing them with the opportunity to work with creative professionals in an unconventional learning environment, creating products which demonstrate real-world skills.
Need support with: Fundraising initiatives and awareness event.
Royal Park Community Consortium Royal Park Community Consortium
Community campaign to save the Royal Park School in Leeds

This community consortium comprises a group of concerned members of the community who came together when the school closed in 2004. The RPCC is working to save the school building so that it may be put to good use in the local community in the future. Urgent help is required to secure £3m for the project.
Need support with: Entrepreneurial fundraising initiatives.
Doorway Doorway
Providing advice, support and accommodation for young people

Doorway exists to relieve hardship and distress among young people in the County of Warwickshire and surrounding area. The organisation aims to increase access to safe and secure accommodation for young people aged 16-25 who are homeless. They provide support with housing, training and development, enabling young people to gain the necessary skills to live independently.
Need support with: Using Social Networking effectively; Identifying social enterprise opportunities; Improving payroll and legacy donations.
Roundabout Roundabout
Supporting and empowering homeless young people in Sheffield

Roundabout is a charity that provides shelter, support and life skills to homeless young people. They provide emergency accommodation at their hostel and enable young people to live independently in secure accommodation throughout Sheffield. They promoting independent living by offering vital training and skills programmes which help to break the cycle of homelessness.
Need support with: Fundraising event; Hostel refurbishment project.
Headway Headway North West London
An affiliated group of Headway - the brain injury association

Headway aims to promote understanding of all aspects of brain injury and provides information and support for people with a brain injury, their family and unpaid carers. They provide services that increase awareness of brain injury and its consequences and help people to return to community living. They also promote improved approaches to injury screening, acute care, assessment and rehabilitation.
Need support with: HR policies and procedures; Review of strategic planning and administration procedures.
Behind closed doors Behind Closed Doors
Providing support and information to women experiencing
domestic abuse

Behind closed doors provides support to women living in Leeds whose lives have been affected by domestic abuse. They offer confidential information and support on housing, legal and financial issues, health and child protection. Information and support is available over the phone or face-to-face.
They require a mentor and advisor to help them develop and establish a Charity Shop.
Paddington Arts Paddington Arts
A youth arts organisation developing talent and creativity in the community

Paddington Arts run a dedicated performing arts and media centre for young people in West London. They offer workshops in dance, drama, film, singing and design, producing original works for stage and screen. They are committed to reducing inequalities in health, education and access to the arts, helping to bring about change to individuals and communities.
Need support with: Developing a digital online magazine.
Voluntary Action Leicestershire (VAL) Voluntary Action Leicestershire (VAL)
Involving local people as volunteers and supporting community activity

VAL is a key support agency for Leicester and Leicestershire. They promote the services of charities who directly benefit the community. They provide advice and support, helping people to volunteer, and enabling the voluntary and community sector to influence policy.
Need support with: Marketing strategies; Improving database system
treating autism Treating Autism
Helping people with Autism to reach their full potential

Treating Autism is a parent-run charity based in the UK that provides information and support to families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The charity’s focus is on biomedical interventions and how these can improve the quality of life of every child with autism, allowing them to lead lives free from pain and anxiety, so that they may reach their full potential. They offer support for families to take action: providing information and help through their website, newsletters, support groups and conferences.
Need support with: UK wide campaign to raise awareness of biomedical treatments for ASD
PYE Global PYE Global
Partnership for Youth Empowerment

PYE Global activates the full potential of youth worldwide to create a better future for themselves and their communities.  PYE Global provides schools and youth-serving organisations across the globe with dynamic ways to engage young people through a proven arts-based transformative development format called the Creative Community Model. In 2010, 150,000 young people from six countries benefitted from programmes and camps based on PYE’s model.
Need support with: Media projects and global marketing initiatives
United Responce United Response
A national charity which provides essential support to disabled people

This organisation enables disabled people to take control of their lives. They focus on supporting people to live an ordinary and integrated life in their local community – not just as passive recipients of services, but as valued, active and equal citizens. They have particular expertise in working with people with complex needs and with those whom other agencies have been unable to support.
Need support with: Creating a successful social enterprise;
Marketing campaign; Business development
one 2 go One2Go
Hosting quality sporting events for all

A subsidiary of a social enterprise called Sporting Bunnies, this organisation aims to promote sports participation for all. They have a committed team of volunteers and staff, all with a passion for growing community involvement in sport, particularly the over 50s, children and young people, those with disabilities, and people marginalised by economic and social factors.
Need support with: Creating a sustainable social enterprise;
Organising sporting events
age uk Age UK Sevenoaks & Tonbridge
Providing first class services for older members of the community.

This charity promotes the well-being of all older people in Sevenoaks and Tonbridge and helps to make later life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Their day centres provide vital social interaction. Other services such as the Independent Living Support Service and their Computer Learning Centre ensure older people can remain independent for as long as possible. The demands on their services will increase significantly over the next decade. It is, therefore, critical that they establish the correct business model now, in order to leave a lasting and durable legacy for the future.
Need support with: Attracting volunteers; Developing a fundraising strategy